The Need

With the the unexpected growth in the number of COVID-19 cases, it is necessary for a business to monitor the situation and take necessary actions to minimize the impact on their operations. This webpart provides a quick overview of the number of cases identified and the rate at which they are growing globally and within a country.

Global and Country specific stats

It shows two sections. One for the number of cases identified and recovered globally and another section shows the number of cases for a selected country. For the country stats, it also shows the change in the number of cases from the previous day, which gives an insight on how rapidly the cases are increasing.

User scoped Personalization

Each user can personalize the country/province they would like to follow and see the respective numbers.

Don't have SharePoint? Here is COVID-19 tracker dashboard which shows charts for weekly increase in the number of cases. Select different countries to compare the spread of corona virus and how rapidly it has changed.

How to use

Download the latest version from the releases page. Or you can fork the Github repository to make changes and add more features to the webpart.


Data Source

This webpart uses the data from Coronavirus Data API -

Want to Contribute? 

If you would like to contribute by adding new features or fixing existing/reported issues, please checkout the issues list in GitHub. Leave a comment on the issue which you would like to work on. Once the issue is assigned to you, you can start working on the task and submit a pull request. 

Hope, we all together, can control the spread of corona virus. Stay safe