After configuring the Office Web App Server for SharePoint 2013 and creating the bindings on the SharePoint farm, I was able to open the excel files on the browser but not other documents like word, power point etc., When I opened a word document, the Word Web App opens, shows the processing/busy status for some time and throws the below error

Sorry, Word Web App can't open this document because the service is busy. Please try again later

After some troubleshooting, following is the checklist I prepared which might provide some information about these kind of issues

Configuration/Limitation Description
Is your Office Web App Server Installed on a non-system drive (mostly other than C drive)?
Check my next post for the solution.
The SharePoint Web Application must use Claims-Based Authentication. Only then the Office Web Apps can open the files.
Make sure you're not logged in as System Account because you wont be able to open/view files with this account
If you set up Office Web Apps in a test environment that uses HTTP, make sure you set the AllowOAuthOverHttp setting to True
Refer technet.
Office Web App Server cannot run on a Domain Controller. The server should be part of the domain.
Make sure you’re running SharePoint 2013 build 15.0.4420.1017 or later. If not update your SharePoint farm.
Make sure the document doesn’t exceed 10 megabytes.


Inspite of trying all the recomended solutions the issue didn't get fixed. I installed the Office Web App Server on D:, which is the culprit. If you installed on a non-system drive, many blogs suggest to uninstall and and re-install on a system drive. DO NOT do that. There is a simple and recommended solution for this problem. Check my next post to fix this.