SharePoint Server 2013 : Exporting Search Crawl Logs using PowerShell

Search crawl logs play a crucial role while troubleshooting search issues in SharePoint Server 2013. But its very difficult for a SharePoint Administrator to go through the logs, 50 at a time and navigate between different sets of logs to understand the issue and observe a pattern for the error or warnings. Its very easy to sort and filter the logs if we have all the details like a report (in excel). This article shows a powershell script which can export the crawl logs for a specified time frame to an excel file. [More]

Removing a user/users from all SharePoint Groups in a Site Collection

A user or multiple users can be deleted from multiple groups within a Site Collection by writing some PowerShell code to traverse through all the groups in the site collection and remove the users. However, there is a simple way of doing this through the UI, without writing any PowerShell code. Read this post for a simple no code, no PowerShell solution. [More]