SharePoint Framework : Removing unwanted colon after text/data on Modern Pages

A Client webpart from a SharePoint framework solution displays unwanted colons (:) after the data. The colons appear only when the SPFX client webpart is added on a Modern page, and the colon is not displayed when the webpart is accessed on a local/SharePoint Online workbench. Remove this unwanted colon through custom CSS. [More]

SharePoint JSOM code to Hide/Remove Ribbon tabs in SharePoint List Forms or Pages

The Ribbon shows certain tabs like 'Edit', 'View', 'Items', 'List' etc., when we are on a list form page or when a List is added to any SharePoint page. In some cases we do not want to show this tabs to the user, which can be hidden by adding JSOM code to remove the unwanted tabs. [More]